End of an era

GINA will shut down public web services hosted on AlaskaMapped.org on March 1st, 2017. This will affect the GINA BDL, SDMI Ortho, GINA USGS Topographic Maps, Nautical Charts, and other data layers hosted publicly on AlaskaMapped.org.

We understand this is a very short time for the user community to be made aware of this change. We will immediately begin burning notice overlays into tile and WMS services to alert the user community. The transition period is limited, but we will do what we can to help users move on to the new service provider.

GINA Tokens now available to allow continued use of the web map services through the end of April. See the token details page for details.

The Alaska Geospatial Council (AGC) has chosen to transfer imagery services provision to a contract with a commercial provider. They will distribute the Alaska Statewide imagery (SDMI ortho) web services. The contractor, GeoNorth, is a long time partner and an active contributor to the State’s imagery program. GeoNorth has partnered with the UAF Alaska Satellite Facility (ASF) and Terra Pixel, LLC to provide the AGC’s Geospatial Imagery Services for the next two years.

GeoNorth contract has been awarded. Details available on AGC Imagery Services page. New GeoNorth hosted site will be hosted gis.dnr.alaska.gov when it becomes live.

We have enjoyed serving you, the mapping community in Alaska, for the past decade. In partnership with great users like you, we’ve grown our now extremely popular open standards web services from a handful of users and products to a service used by thousands every month, drawing a map to a user screen every second, around the clock. We’ve served you more than one hundred million maps, and this work became core to our mission. We’re proud to have worked with you over the past ten years, incorporating your feedback and data to make our services to you, the Alaska mapping community, better. It’s been fun. Thanks for helping us along the way.

Thanks - The GINA team


The GINA web mapping services hosted on alaskamapped.org are affected. This includes three key end points for the SDMI imagery: the GINA BDL, GINA extras, and GINA charts.

Statewide SPOT5 orthoimage web services:

  • wms.alaskamapped.org/ortho -> ended at GINA - replacement will be performed by the new commercial provider.

GINA BDL, GINA Extras and GINA Charts web services:

  • wms.alaskamapped.org/bdl -> public facing service ended - both as tiles and WMS.
  • wms.alaskamapped.org/extras -> public facing service ended - both as tiles and WMS.
  • wms.alaskamapped.org/charts - > public facing service ended - both as tiles and WMS

We have immediately starting notifying users of the affected services by burning a notification URL into the service requests. Desktop WMS users will see the URL notice burned into their WMS queries in the bottom left of the rendered images. Web map users consuming tiles derived from the WMS will see a subset of the tiles provided back with the URL notice burned into a tile or two. This means Google Maps, Google Earth, ESRI ArcGIS Online, OpenLayers, Leaflet, and other web based users will start seeing the notice URL scattered around their web map randomly.

We will focus on providing a continuation of services to UAF-GINA partners through existing funded projects. Please contact us through support@gina.alaska.edu if you have questions or concerns.

Continued Services

UAF-GINA will offer a fee-based subscription service to allow us to help our many users with existing services that will not be covered by the new RFP, or by existing funded projects. If you are interested in such a service, please email support@gina.alaska.edu

Project Partners: If you are a partner who GINA works with on a funded project, you will continue to have access to the complete suite of GINA-provided web services. Please contact us so we can work with you to set up our authorization systems and provide you continued access after March 1.

GINA Best Data Layer

Map of GINA's Best Available Imagery Data Layer - collection of imagery contributed to GINA's imagery archive from state, federal, local government, and research projects.


SDMI Ortho Layers

Map of the SDMI Ortho RGB, CIR & Panchromatic layers


USGS Topographic Charts

Map of GINA's Topographic Charts Service - A unique collection that includes the USGS Topographic Charts of Alaska, Canadian Topographic Charts, Russian Charts and and circum-polar maps.


NOAA Nautical Charts

Map of GINA's NOAA Nautical Charts Service


Extras Layers

A variety of extra layers GINA makes available to GIS users. Includes the first digitial statewide map, MatSu LiDAR DEM, and other layers.


GINA BDL and SDMI Ortho RGB Comparison

A side-by-side view of GINA BDL and the Statewide Orthomosaic RGB layer


SDMI Ortho RGB & CIR Comparison

A side-by-side view of Orthomosaic RGB & CIR layers