Tile Interfaces

In the interest of supporting expanded integration of SDMI datasets into other users applications, we support a variety of tile interfaces to the SDMI datasets. These include Google Maps, Google Earth, ESRI FlexAPI, and OpenLayers. Other tile interfaces with standardized tile formats can be supported upon request.

GIS Jam Example

We put together a website full of example maps in a variety of the map interfaces for a GIS Jam session. This is a great place to see example code and the tile layers in action. You can find it at GISJAM.gina.alaska.edu

Google Maps

You can easily integrate any of the supported Google Maps API SDMI WMS layers into your own Google Maps application.

HOWTO: Google maps API integration

Google Earth KML

Creating your own KML files and want to use of the the AlaskaMapped layers as your background layer: If you are interested in doing this please contact us and we can work together to flesh out the documentation for doing that.


still need to insert examples of OpenLayers Contact us if you are interested in using our data feeds in Open Layers applications.


ESRI’s FlexAPI makes it easy to integrate other FlexAPI tile layers into your own ESRI FlexAPI application. Since ESRI does not standardized the tiles though, a subset of selected zoom layers is available. We encourage you to use standard zoom levels as this makes it easier to provide a tile cache for your application. If you need an unsupported tile configuration, contact us and we can look at accommodating your custom tiles.