Q. How much Alaska data do you currently have in Alaska Mapped archives?

A. As of November 2009, we have:

  • Over 360,000 square kilometers of high resolution imagery data
  • 75,000 square kilometers of high accuracy digital elevation (DEM) data
  • Many other data layers such as scanned USGS topographic maps (DRG), NOAA nautical charts, FAA aviation charts, Landsat mosaics, Landsat panchromatic (pan) mosaics, shaded relief DEMs, and others. See our comprehensive list of Alaska data layers for details.

Q. What is the difference between Alaska Mapped and the Statewide Digital Mapping Initiative?

A. Alaska Mapped is the data distribution and user services arm of the Statewide Digital Mapping Initiative. Put another way, the SDMI is the program; Alaska Mapped delivers the products on behalf of the program.

Q. I have Alaska data I would like to contribute to the archive. How do I go about getting it to you?

A. Please see the Contribute Data to Alaska Mapped page.

Q. Do you have data for fill-in-the-blank?

A. The best way to discover data is in the Alaska Mapped online map browser. Zoom into your area of interest, then select the “Show Available Data” menu item on the left, which will query the archive for all data within your viewpoint window. That said, we have most but not 100% of the data submitted to us in our catalog. You are welcome to contact us to double check if your need is urgent or if you think we may not be exposing a data set you want in the interface.

Q. Why can’t I download a scene? Why are only some scenes available for download?

A. This has to do with data licensing. The data that is truly public domain is download-able directly. Other data–this includes much of the satellite imagery–requires us to vet you against the licensed users list. We are working on automating this process, but for now you need to contact us if you believe your are entitled (licensed) to use the data; we will stage a copy for you.

Q. I have a need to download a large quantity of data and don’t want to spend the time loading it into the shopping cart, or I need a large area extracted from the Best Data Layer. Can you save me some time?

A. Absolutely. See our Bulk Data Exports page for details.

Q. How do you make your maps draw so fast.

A. See our page describing the technologies powering the Alaska Mapped web services for the details.