The data services provides by SDMI are available for others to integrate directly into their GIS applications. Here are a few examples of this being done by Federal and State partners of the SDMI project.

If you are using SDMI services in your application let us know

Alaska DNR AlaskaMapper

The AlaskaMapper is an online public access to State of Alaska land records. AlaskaMapper is developed and maintained by the Alaska Department of Natural Resources, a member of SDMI. The background imagery and topographical layers available in AlaskaMapper are provided via the SDMI WMS services.

NRCS Web Soil Survey

The [National Resources Conservation Service]’s Web Soil Survey provides a wealth of soils information including soil maps, properties and interpretations to help visitors with land use decisions. When a user is zoomed into areas in Alaska the imagery layer is provided by the SDMI BDL WMS services.

NSSI Data Catalog

The North Slope Science Initiative’s data catalog provides GIS data services and project tracking for activities in the North Slope of Alaska. The catalog uses various SDMI tile layers services for their Google Maps interfaces.

Prince William Sound Herring Data Portal

The PWS Herring Data Portal is an effort to consolidate and document scientific resources regarding herring in Prince William Sound and provide a gateway for scientists and the public to access, interpret and visualize these resources. They have integrated many of the base layers available from SDMI-GINA into their Google Maps interface.