Data Services

Online Map Viewers

The Alaska Mapped online map allows user to view, search, and download airborne and satellite imagery and digital elevation model data (DEM). Landsat, scanned USGS topographic maps (digital raster graphics - DRG) and NOAA navigational charts are also avialable.

Open Geospatial Consortium Web Services

The protocols that drive all of Alaska Mapped’s web services derive from Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) web service open standards.

We have a web page with detailed information about Alaska Mapped’s OGC web services, including Web Map Services (WMS), Web Coverage Services (WCS), and Web Feature Services (WFS).

WMS - Web Mapping Service - Imagery layers served directly to your GIS client. Available for integration into custom Google Maps, OpenLayers, or ESRI FlexAPI applications: WMS Tile Interfaces.

WFS - Web Feature Service - Information about the data available in the SDMI BDL

WCS - Web Coverage Service - Gridded Datasets

KML - Keyhold Markup - Imagery layers in your Google Earth

Tile Services - WMS layers available as tile sets for the following

For direct access to the data that has been put together to make these services, you can browse and download data from the SDMI browse site