Using GINA and SDMI/AlaskaMapped Web Services with Desktop and Server Applications

November 18th, 2009 Tom Heinrichs and Pete Hickman from UAF-GINA gave a presentation to the Alaska Arc User Group.

Presentation Overview

The UAF Geographic Information Network of Alaska (GINA) provides mapping web services that can be easily incorporated into desktop applications such as ArcMap and GlobalMapper and web map server applications such as ArcGIS Server, Google Earth, and OpenLayers . Data is available via OGC WMS, WCS, and KML files and as ESRI layer files. GINA/SDMI web services include data feeds such as the “Best Data Layer” (the best high-resolution imagery statewide), scanned topo maps (DRG), NOAA charts, and Landsat mosaics and are available as OGC Web Mapping Services (WMS) and optimized tile sets. Digital elevation model (DEM) data is available via Web Coverage Services (WCS) that deliver actual gridded elevation data values. Data is also available for use in desktop clients via OGC WMS, WCS, and KML files and as ESRI layer files.

GINA would like your feedback regarding web services offerings. The presentation will include a brief overview of the variety of data feeds that GINA currently provides using satellite data GINA and NOAA captures and deliver in real-time and high-resolution data archives being assembled by GINA on behalf of the Statewide Digital Mapping Initiative (SDMI). The technology that enables GINA to deliver fast-performing web map services will be described. Examples of how to use these optimized web services, in particular with tile-based clients such as ESRI Flex API, Google Maps and Earth, and Open Layers, will be presented. Time will be left for discussion. GINA seeks community feedback regarding how these services can be tuned and refined to meet the needs of the ESRI ArcGIS Server developer community. GINA technical staff will be on hand, so please bring your questions and suggestions.

The presentation will be followed by a technical workshop at the DNR TIPS Training lab (Atwood Building, 9th Floor) starting at 1:30pm. Please join us at the for some hands-on experience with the GINA/SDMI orthoimagery WMS, DEM WCS and Inventory/Metadata WFS web services in ArcMap, Google Earth, and other applications as time permits.