Final Version: Alaska DEM Workshop Whitepaper

The Alaska Statewide Digital Elevation Model (DEM) Workshop was held July 22 & 23, 2008 in Anchorage, Alaska. The goals of the workshop included:

  • Learn about potential solutions from data providers
  • Study requirements for an improved, statewide Alaska DEM
  • Summarize options and classify potential solutions
  • Make recommendations for next steps.

Respected DEM expert David Maune of Dewberry presented a keynote address, captured information during the workshop, and lead writing of a whitepaper summarizing outcomes.

Final Agenda for Workshop

Data providers who will be presenting (links are to DEM product information):

Presentations and notes from the workshop are available below. The white paper is available via the link at the top of the page.

Alaska DEM Workshop 08 Presentations – ZIP file (183M)

Tuesday – July 22, 2008 – Presentations

Wednesday – July 23, 2008 – Presentations

Wednesday – July 23, 2008 – Discussion Notes