Basic information for downloading data. Under construction; will be improved.

  1. Create an account

  2. If you are a member of the licensed user group who has access to the Level 1A products, you can download data. Authorized users include federal, state, local, and tribal government users and US academic users. Details can found in the End User License Agreement. Sign up with your work email. Some email domains are automatically authorized (e.g.,; others must be authorized by a SDMI administrator. Manual authorization occurs during normal business hours and typically within less than half a day.

  3. Log in to the AlaskaMapped Browse Site - log in window

  4. Open the AlaskaMapped Browse Site

  5. Zoom to your area of interest

  6. Choose “Show Available Data” from left side menu.

  7. Expand the “SDMI Ortho and DEM” folder

  8. Select the scene you are interested in.

  9. Choose “Add to Cart” from the “Additional Information” menu that appears on the right.

  10. Download and enjoy.

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