End of GINA AlaskaMapped.org Web services

At the end of the month the GINA web services hosted on AlaskaMapped.org will be shut down. This includes WMS and tile access points for the GINA-BDL, GINA’s custom USGS Historical Topos and NOAA Charts; and other layers as formerly seen on alaskamapped.org/gallery

It is with a heavy heart that we will be turning off these unfunded web services on Sept 1st.

What next?

The community should transition to the replacement services offered by DNR and GeoNorth.
* New web services information at: http://gis.dnr.alaska.gov/
* Email dnr.gispub@alaska.gov if you have questions.

We thank all of our passionate users that made creating the best available maps of Alaska a rewarding experience. We hope to continue to provide our expertise and support to the continued improvement and expansion of in the imagery and other foundational geospatial layers of Alaska.

What Services Have Been Affected?

The GINA web mapping services hosted on alaskamapped.org are affected. This includes three key end points for the SDMI imagery: the GINA BDL, GINA extras, and GINA charts.

Statewide SPOT5 orthoimage web services:

  • wms.alaskamapped.org/ortho -> ended at GINA - replacement will be performed by the new commercial provider.

GINA BDL, GINA Extras and GINA Charts web services:

  • wms.alaskamapped.org/bdl -> public facing service ended - both as tiles and WMS.
  • wms.alaskamapped.org/extras -> public facing service ended - both as tiles and WMS.
  • wms.alaskamapped.org/charts - > public facing service ended - both as tiles and WMS

Thank you

We have enjoyed serving the mapping community in Alaska for the past decade. In partnership with great users, we’ve grown our now extremely popular open standards web services from a handful of users and products to a service used by thousands every month, drawing a map to a user screen every second, around the clock. We’ve served more than one hundred million maps, and this work became core to our mission. We’re proud to have worked with the mapping community over the past ten years, incorporating user feedback and data to make our services better. It’s been fun. Thanks for helping us along the way.

Thanks - The team at GINA

Please contact us through support@gina.alaska.edu if you have questions or concerns.