July 2009 Planning Summary Report

Alaska SDMI Planning - Summary Report - July 2009 from the SDMI planning contract.

Planning Project Accomplishments

Task 1: Identification and Definition of Mapping Requirements and User Needs A user survey was conducted in Spring 2008. The survey was conducted online, and more than 150 users responded. The survey provided valuable input in determining needs, requirements, and issues. Key findings are summarized on pages 12-13. Survey data also resulted in the definition of Use Cases for mapping in Alaska (see pages 12-13). Another key finding is that Web mapping services are becoming a popular way to easily incorporate imagery and mapping data into these mapping programs (see pages 14-15). Areas of interest for digital mapping were assessed in the survey, and are shown on the map on this page. The map is a presentation based on a gridded analysis of the area of interest shape files provided to us in the survey.

Task 2: Inventory of Existing Mapping and Identification of New Mapping Options An extensive inventory of existing imagery and elevation data was conducted for the State of Alaska. Results of this study are included in the Imagery Whitepaper, and posted online at GINA. See pages 4-5 for a summary of these results.

Task 3: Development of a Request for Quotation for statewide imagery Based on work done in the prior two tasks and in the Imagery Workshop, an RFP was developed with which the state could procure statewide imagery.

Task 4: Identification of Control Requirements and Accuracy Factors In order to achieve the statewide mapping requirements and specification, a certain amount of control is required. See pages 30-33 for a summary of this analysis.

Task 5: Data Loading and Data Ingestion Procedures SDMI staff worked with the contractor team to develop better and more standardized data ingestion and loading procedures. In particular, the i-cubed, LLC team shared some of their methodologies (e.g. Data Doors) with the SDMI team.

Task 6: Imagery Workshop, Whitepaper and Business Case Analysis An Imagery Whitepaper was developed in parallel with a Workshop to better define statewide imagery needs and available options. The whitepaper and workshop provides business cases for usage of imagery and DEM in Alaska.

Task 7: Governance Options Analysis An analysis of the existing situation with regard to Alaska mapping governance was conducted in Summer 2009, along with analysis of existing, successful U.S. statewide mapping governance models. The results of this analysis are described on pages 34-37.

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