Nov 17, 2009

We have rolled out a the new website. This is a complete rewrite of the browse application from the ground up. This new browse application has been hiding in the wings as a beta product for over a year and many of the AlaskaMapped users have had a chance to bang on it. The major new features are:

  • Cart System
    • You can add multiple datasets to your cart before starting to download them.
  • Authentication system
    • You can now sign-up for an account on AlaskaMapped. This will allow us to provide access to restricted datasets.
  • More datasets available for download
    • The old system limited how many datasets we could offer for download. The new browse site does not have this restriction, allowing us to offer you such goodies as the USGS Topographic Charts.

Getting all the bugs worked out is always a bit tricky. We will be closely watching to logs for error messages and try to resolve things behind the scenes. However, if you encounter a problem please contact us either via the forum or via email

Posted by admin on Tuesday, November 17, 2009