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Program Overview

The Alaska Statewide Digital Mapping Program’s primary goal is acquire new and better maps for Alaska and make existing map products more easily available.

The State of Alaska does not have an adequate digital base map. The Alaska Statewide Digital Mapping Program is a cooperative state program endorsed by the Governor and implemented by the Department of Natural Resources, Department of Military and Veteran’s Affairs and the University of Alaska to address this shortcoming. Its activities include: planning, public access, data acquisition, and stakeholder relations.

Alaska Statewide Digital Mapping Program will ultimately provide an accurate, current, seamless, single source, statewide base map, made available over the internet, through open standards, free of charge, to all. The target basemap is a statewide ortho-image, controlled by an appropriately scaled elevation model and ground control as required.

Contact information

The SDMI supports open standards services to access data. An overview article and support are available.